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We are all out of wood! Farewell!

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For Current recipes from Jim Baugh Outdoors Galley Visit Jim’s Galley and also the new Jim’s Coastal Cuisine. Links Below.

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We are all out of wood!!! JBBQ Farewell story below.

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It was a mighty busy two years!! Producing JBO TV, writing my second novel, and running Jim’s Baugh BQ was tough and timely task. We developed a successful and large customer base and JBBQ was being sold in three locations covering the greater Buckroe Beach and Phoebus Virginia area. Huge thanks to my partners Chris and Karen, we made a great team!


This was a great opportunity to feature some of out best recipes we have featured on our show. However with the maintenance of an over 100 year old building, and the fact that this part of my buiz was consuming WAY to much of my time, we said goodbye to JBBQ for now. With an increase in our TV Show production schedule, writing a second novel and screenplay, something had to go. So the awesome anchor that really weighted me down had to be released.


“COOKED” my second book, will feature all our JBBQ recipes and is also being included in my current screenplay. The stories in COOKED are even funnier that HOOKED. Great stuff for sure!!


I would also like to thank all the musicians that made the BIG PINK so popular. Way to many names to mention, certainly Vaughn’s open mike and Bluegrass Friday’s with the Wampler Brothers were fantastic nights. Special concerts by Herbie D and the Dangerman as well as Matt Thomas were just fantastic. I performed two piano concerts at the restaurant and look forward to visiting Hampton to perform some more in the future.

This week Nov16-20 at JBBQ

The JBBQ brand is still out there and will be featured at times on Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. For anyone interested in franchise opportunities just contact me at

For special events info at Victorian Station Phoebus VA contact Karen Benson. Facebook


I still get calls about people wanting my ribs or give them the recipe. We made quite an impact with these delights. I wont give out the recipe until COOKED is released. However I will tell you this:

Yes, our ribs were imported from Canada and we could not always get them

Yes, they were a larger cut rib from older hogs

Yes, the rub I made and used was of a Caribbean Nature

Yes, I used a secret mix of woods for smoking

Yes, they marinated for two days, all total, three days prep time including smoking

Yes, the meat never touched the grill surface, they were cooked in pans.

That’s all I will say for now.

Thank you for your patronage and God Bless!

Jim Baugh


Author of HOOKED

NOTE: Keep up to date with everything JBO TV at JBO Central CLICK HERE Links to our two cooking blogs, boat blog, TV blog, and going Coastal with Donna Bozza. We post new recipes every week so stay tuned! JB


Karl Werne to Play This Sat!!

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LIVE Victorian Station JBBQ!!!

Karl Werne first ever Saturday night concert here at the Station. Don’t miss this great show, Karl will have your foot tapping in seconds!! Aso we will have Jerk Chicken fresh off the grill a well as JB’s fresh pulled pork.

Karl Werne Show starts at 7pm, no cover, Wi-FI free parking. Get here early to get a good seat. Door open at 6pm. JB

JBBQ Victorian Station Music Fest Next Weekend!!

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National Recording Artist Shelly Fairchild to Open For the Wampler Brothers Bluegrass Show JBBQ Friday March 9th

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Shelly Fairchild opens for the Wampler Brothers Show Fiday March 9th, Victorin Station Jims BBQ. 7pm no cover, reservations suggested. JB

BIO – Shelly Fairchild

Web Site

Shelly Fairchild instantly wowed critics with her 2005 recording debut, “Ride,” which spawned the Billboard Hot Country Songs top 40 hit “You Don’t Lie Here Anymore.” Now the ferocious stage performer is ready to blow them away once again with “Love Everybody,” the first single from her new record, Ruby’s Money. The new album—due April. 11 on Revelation Nation Records—is set to transform the sound of modern soul.

Fairchild’s fans hand-picked “Love Everybody” as the introductory single for its infectious, anthemic quality and earth-shaking rhythms. Think of it as a gospel revival on hydraulics that’s rocket-fueled by rock/funk outfit Ruby’s Money, and a no-bullshit diva who superbly channels Janis Joplin’s fierce spirit. “I didn’t want to be preachy because I’m not that way as a musician or a person,” Fairchild says. “But it’s basically saying that if I let go of the things that I fear about someone or something, then it gives me a chance to open up to loving everybody and loving everything and really just leading from a place of love as opposed to a place of fear or hate or animosity.”

Her collaborations with hit songwriter Stephony Smith (author of such cuts as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “It’s Your Love” and Kenny Chesney’s “Big Star”) for new album “Ruby’s Money” would fit right alongside a radio playlist of CeeLo Green’s “Fuck You,” Lenny Kravitz’s “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over” and Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good.” For instance, Fairchild gets a little political on “Here’s Your Box,” which explores how “we’re supposed to be so free, but we’re really sort of not during different administrations.” “Hallelujah, You’ve Been Blessed” is exactly the full-throttle, four-on-the-floor soul revival its name implies, where Fairchild emits heart-stopping caterwauls that could resurrect the dead. She can also dial things down to smolder on the groove-filled blues of “Like I Tried To”—”It’s a ballad, and it’s just a beast,” Fairchild says of the song, which climaxes with a lengthy band jam.

The seasoned stage veteran (who carried leading roles in the musicals “Beehive: The 60s Musical” and “Always Patsy Cline” and has supported superstars like Trace Adkins and Rascal Flatts in concert) will easily convert followers with the blues- and R&B-infused testimony she was born to spread. Growing up in Jackson, Miss., where Aretha Franklin once recorded at Malaco Studios, Fairchild absorbed the blues throughout her childhood. “It was kind of everywhere you went,” she recalls. “I grew up in a family where they loved music and my dad listened to a lot of country, and then I was raised in a Southern Baptist church, so that’s where gospel really came in.”

When she hit Nashville to kick off her music career, she landed on Columbia thanks to performing a live rendition of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” and a few Patty Griffin songs in the label’s office. “I had this bluesy, soulful element that I always wanted to bring to my music no matter what, and they let me do that. But I had to stay within certain parameters on my first record,” Fairchild says of “Ride,” which brought her mainstream attention and praise from such publications as People and American Songwriter Magazine. “It was a good first project for me. It was really amazing to make a record in Nashville.” She compares her departure from the label “to graduating from high school to college. I feel like I learned so much. It was like my school and then I developed who I was as a songwriter and got on to the next phase of my life.”

Now Fairchild is taking complete control of her music by releasing her “Ruby’s Money” album through her own Revelation Nation Records label. For the project, Fairchild and Smith (also who acted as producer) have erected a new-millennium soul sound that’s housed within a framework established by icons like Ike & Tina Turner, Sly & the Family Stone, Isaac Hayes and Barry White. “I hear music a certain way, certain syncopations and things that are a lot different than the feel in the ’70s. But I wanted to have songs that have the same sort of impact of those songs from that era,” Fairchild says. “That’s what I tried to do: take what I know now and what I feel I know now with what I know about then and how I feel listening to music from back then.”

Fairchild is excited to deliver the album on April 11th so fans and newcomers alike can experience the music that’s she’s poured four years of her life into manifesting. “I’m really passionate about whatever it is that I get into. Whether it’s me painting or me writing a song or me drawing or me acting or dancing, I pay close attention to details,” enthuses Fairchild, who hopes to do a run of U.S. live dates in 2011.

“I was so scared about being independent,” she admits of deciding to release “Ruby’s Money” on her own instead of shopping it to a major label. “But as soon as I became independent I felt like every possibility, every opportunity, everything was so open. Making this record, I felt like my soul was unleashed. I was able to sing how I sing and make choices like I would make ‘em live. I feel so open and I feel so many acts—so many great, solid artists that we know and love—are finding themselves somehow independent and making it work. I think the possibilities for them, and for me, are endless.”


Author Joe Jackson Appearance at JBBQ Writers Open Mic Night!

Writers Open Mic Night every Wed, JBBQ at Victorian Station. 7pm

Writers Night Open Mic Wed 14th

Valentines Party THis Sat. at JBBQ

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Saturday night big singles and couples Valentines party with live music from Herbie D and the boys. Ribs for two on special, JBBQ at Victorian Station Phoebus \ Hampton


Bluegrass Beer and BBQ with the Wampler Brothers Bluegrass show. 7pm, no cover \ wi fi

Down-Set- Eat Eat Eat

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Blues Show Tonight At JBBQ Victorian Station. Ladies Night. Ribs $17 on special

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Tonight Tom Dikon and the boys will be playing at the house of BBQ, Jim’s BBQ at Victorian Station. Also plenty of smoked ribs and jerk chicken, come on down! Iced beer tubs starting at 5pm!

Get your Rib On!! Superbowl Sunday

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